Friday, July 30, 2010

Relinking some of my old Animation Work

This was done during my Diploma time in 2007. Quite Old stuff.
- 3Ds max
- Particle Illusion
- Photoshop
- Adobe After Effect

Wacom Industrial Design Contest 2010 Joined

My university submits one of my work ( to the Wacom Industrial Design Contest 2010. Under Vehicle Category. Cross my fingers and hope it will be O K, lolz

Semester Break Ends

Finally, semester break ends. gonna be back busy with assignments. Though I will continue working on my Game Team Project (Liquid Rock Games) and do some personal portfolio. Life never stops as long the clock keeps ticking.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Back busy with Liquid Rock Games

After back from a holiday tour to Beijing, China, I will be back busy with Liquid Rock Games project. And probably do some personal work to add up my portfolio.

Anyway, check out our team project progress at

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Yoyoskeel and Stalker Logo Design Project

Yoyoskeel Logo Design - MD Ridhwan Borha (Designer)

Yoyoskeel 'Stalker' Logo Design - MD Ridhwan Borha (Designer)

Photos are permitted to be displayed on Blog with owner permission.

YoyoSkeel - 1st Yoyo brand in Malaysia made by my friend, Muhammad Shakeel Mohd Rose, Owner of Skeel Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. -

Test Linking Youtube Video on Blogger

Test linking one my video trailer work onto blogger

Seems working

Working on HTML codes to get things right

Never did any web coding or scripting before cause I spend most of my time on arts and cgi stuffs. I need to create some effect and alter some HTML codes to get the stuffs I need to present within this blog. Therefore, I cramp my head and spend some time on researching the HTML codes within the net. Lolz, coding stuffs really killing me. Though, my game programmer friend is doing something more hellish than this.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


First of all, this will be my first Blog. Therefore, I will be spending some times to get things right in this blog. Though the Slideshows in the Gallery page is working.

Anyway, this blog will content all my works that I did and the some updates on whatever project that I am currently involve.