18 - Berserk Guts | 3D Turnaround | Comicon 2014

17 - Trackverse Vehicle Showreel Video (2012)

27th May 2012 - Finally, I was granted permission from leader to do a Trackverse Vehicle Showreel video on all the vehicles I worked on for the game.

Please do visit Trackverse for updates and download the game here >>

Background Music Credit: Nit GriT - Serotonin Syndrome

16 - Valkryie Lopoly Game Model Reel (2012)
 10th April 2012 - Actually the model was completed earlier. It was just that I had something else to do first before doing this reel. Anyway, here it is. Done with proper shader and texture maps.

Valkryie is a sentient mechanical warrior. This is a lopoly game model with Diffuse, Color Spec, Normal Map, Glow Map, Cubemap and Shader Map 3 applied. The polycount for the body is 11,892 triangles and the weapon is 2,448 triangles. Realtime shader in 3Ds Max viewport.

Background Music Credit: Chicane - Salt Water - Remix by Mt. Eden (Dubstep)

Will add this pieces into my gallery page soon.

15 - Imaginary Comeback FYP2011
24 April 2012 - This is my individual Final Year Project during my Bachelor(Hons) in Animation November 2011. Core Software: Autodesk Maya 2010. Audio mostly from

Duration taking for the animtion, modeling and rendering: Approximately 3  

14 - 3D Showreel (2011)

October 7, 2011
Been busy with university and everything and finally get to submit my 2nd showreel compilation of some of my selected works. 1st showreel was done during my diploma time long time ago in 2007. This will be my 2nd proper 2011 showreel.

13 - Lip Sync and Body Gesture Animation Assignment (2011)

September 26, 2011

Lip synch and body gesture animation assignment. 3D Model, rigging and blend shapes were provided to all the students in class. All we had to do is just find any 15 seconds dialogue and animate the character lip and body action according to the dialogue.

Software: Autodesk Maya and Adobe Premiere Pro



12 - Computer and The Boy (Animation Trailer Work 2011)

 July 2011

Short trailer group animation work by Bachelor in Animation Students from Limkokwing University.


My work contribution:
- 3D Character Lead Artist (QA, Character modeling and texturing)
- 3D Prop Lead Artist (QA)
- 3D Animatic contribution
- 3D Animator
- Rendering Artist
- Extra help on the character rig and blend shape
- Extra Light setup

Software: Autodesk Maya 2011, Adobe Photoshop, After Effect and Premiere Pro



11 - Blessing of Grace and Glory - Final Hipoly Model (2011) 

May 21, 2011

- Finally done with the Hipoly modeling
- Next proceeding to Lopoly modeling
- Though I couldn't catch up with the Dominance War 5 competition dateline, I will be completing this for personal portfolio

10 - Greenscreen+CameraMatchmove Test No.06(2011)

January 21, 2011
This is my first time involve with a greenscreen and camera matchmove project. I still need to adjust the greenscreen set with better lightings and cleaner surface. Small space for greenscreen was a bad idea. Therefore, I already setup 2nd greenscreen set with larger space. Need to re-shoot again later for better asset for video editing.

However, the main test here is to get the camera matchmove right and it seems to be working fine. Need to conduct few more tests and later do a final full shot promo video for Yoyoskeel 'Stalker'

Yoyoskeel Blog -

9 - PreDominanceWar5-CharacterTurnaround(2010)

December 15, 2010
This was done for the Pre Dominance War 5 (2010)
- Polycount: 2984 Tris
- 1024 Diffuse, Specular and Glow maps (No Normal Map)
- MMO Lowpoly Game Character model

Background Music: WarChronicles - Gerhaud Daum Music_Ascap-Gema

8 - City of Bassee Burouk 2010
November 17, 2010
Title: City of Bassee Burouk
- 'Bassee Burouk,' is Malaysian word for 'Besi Buruk'. It means 'Ugly Iron' in English.

- 3D Modeling: Autodesk Maya
- Texture: Photoshop
- Video Composition: Adobe After Effect

- Diffuse map
- Light map (No dynamic lights switched on for fast render)

Intial Concept Art Link:

Background Music: Kenichiro Fukui - Judment (Einhander OST)

7 - Gantz Model Turnaround Reel 2010

November 1, 2010
Title: Project Gantz - Gori Suit Version 2

Gantz is a manga done by the author Hiroya Oka. I decided to do a low poly game cutscene model of the Gori Suit or Oka suit in the Gantz manga. However, I decided to do my own version of the suit. Therefore, I alter the design to Gori Suit Version 2.

- This model is considered my first time character game modeling in Maya.
- All was done by polymodeling the high poly model then project the details onto the low poly model.
- Bones were created and Character is ready for animation.

Modeling: Maya
Projection Mapping: XNormal
Texturing: Photoshop

Video Compositing: AfterEffect & Premiere

Background music credit: Kenichiro Fukui - Street (Einhander OST)

6 - Walk & Turn animation - Dead Space Tomy

October 9, 2010
Title: Walk and Turn Animation
- Autodesk Maya Animation (Maya Software renderer)
- Using Dead Space Character as subject for animation
- Target animation is walk and turn with a bit of story
- My first full length animated scene from start to end without any camera cut

5 - Tomy Normal Walkcycle

October 4, 2010
- Autodesk Maya animation
- Assignment for Animation Practice 4 class

4 - Tomy Gay Walkcycle

October 4, 2010
- Autodesk Maya animation
- Assignment for Animation Practice 4 class

3 - Devil Hare: Blood Requiem Graphic Novel Trailer (2010)

May 27, 2010
- A gimmick trailer assignment for Vector Graphic and Typography Classes Semester 3 year 2010
- An individual project with all original idea and arts done by me Software: Adobe Photoshp, After Effect and Premier
-Song: iLL Nino_What Comes Around Day of the Dead Remix (edited by NarutoManiac)
-More Artworks at

2 - AgentCoolPenguin - ScenePlanning (2010)

May 28, 2010
- This is for fun and also for my Animation Practice 3 class
- Scene Planning assignmnet - Play with the layer function in Toon Boom Studio
- Sem 3 year 2010 Degree program

1 - AgentCoolPenguin: In-Between Mission (2007)
This is a very old stuff I did during my Diploma in 2007. Just relinking this work on my blog.
- 3Ds Max
- Particle Illusion
- Photoshop
- Adobe After Effect