Monday, October 28, 2013

It's Been Awhile and The Fun of working on the Bioshock Infinite game

It's been awhile since I last update anything on my blog. Been very busy at Streamline Studios with game projects from many international game companies. The game projects keep coming in until the point that we need more man power. I had fun involving in the assets production for the Bioshock Infinite game by Irrational Games. Its fun working on the props for the game from hipoly stage to lopoly stage, unwrap, and texturing. I was quite happy that our Streamline Studios was mentioned in the end credit of the game.

 Furthermore, after that I had the chance to involve in many game titles that can't be revealed until its official release. Most of the games will be releasing for the next generation consoles. It was crazy, stressful but fun at the same time to learn something new from these game projects.

I will be updating more stuffs in the future.

Official Bioshock Infinite Trailer below: