Monday, February 10, 2014

WIP07 Comicon 2014

Finally all works in Max are done. Fluttering cape and cloth were generated using 3Ds Max Simcloth 3. Friggin helped alot. Now to touch up those meshes in ZBrush! Work In Progress Link in Gameartisan Official Thread >>  photo BerserkGuts16.jpg  photo BerserkGuts17.jpg  photo BerserkGuts18.jpg

Thursday, February 6, 2014

WIP06 Comicon 2014

Further Update. Done re-modeling and placing the Arm Armor Pieces in place. Later, after everything is modeled out and in place, will start touching them up in Zbrush.  photo BerserkGuts15.jpg  photo BerserkGuts15.jpg  photo BerserkGuts15.jpg

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

WIP05 Comicon 2014

Quick update. Modeling and Placement of the Leg Armor Pieces completed. Now left with the Arm Armor Pieces. Then I can focus on other stuffs like the Big Ass Sword, Cape, Sling Bags, Hinges, what so ever small details.

 photo BerserkGuts10.jpg
 photo BerserkGuts11.jpg
 photo BerserkGuts12.jpg

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

WIP04 Comicon 2014

January was crazy month for me at studio, 3D poly modeling a heavy military vehicle for the next gen game for client. From highpoly to lopoly then unwrap and bake, after that creating few stages of LODs. I have to pause with my own personal work for 1 month. Anyway, since all craziness is in the past, now I get to continue back my Berserk 'Old Man' Guts 3D model. Base models done in Max and touching up in Zbrush.

 photo BerserkGuts09-2.jpg/>
 photo BerserkGuts07.jpg/>
 photo BerserkGuts08-2.jpg