Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Final Submission Comicon 2014

Finally it is done! Had so much fun doing this and would like to say thank you to Renier Banninga, Kelvin Hi, Yi Ling Elektra, Ryan Ko, Mohd Nur 'Popia' Iman and Wye Ee for constructive comments that led to the completion of this entry.

Work In Progress Link in Gameartisan Official Thread >>

 Turn Around Video:

 photo final_beautyshot.jpg

Extra Shots:  photo BerserkGuts21_3.jpg  photo BerserkGuts21_2.jpg  photo BerserkGuts21_5.jpg  photo BerserkGuts21_0.jpg  photo BerserkGuts21_1.jpg  photo BerserkGuts21_4.jpg

 photo final_presentationshot.jpg  photo final_constructionshot.jpg  photo final_texturesheets.jpg  photo final_mangaconcept.jpg

Monday, March 10, 2014

WIP08 Comicon 2014

Whoa, I have been off the grid for almost a month. Been busy at studio with game project and doing other personal stuffs. Anyway, here is my rough texture base at the moment, will be polishing the diffuse, specular, gloss and normal by this week before the dateline.

 O, this is mid-poly model where the hipoly details were baked.

Work In Progress Link in Gameartisan Official Thread >>

 photo BerserkGuts19_0.jpg  photo BerserkGuts19_1.jpg  photo BerserkGuts19_2.jpg  photo BerserkGuts19_3.jpg  photo BerserkGuts19_4.jpg