Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cancelation of Reshooting

Shakeel from Yoyoskeel told me that we don't need to do any reshooting at the moment. Therefore I had to come with other solution to solve with the greenscreen and camera frame rate problems. I will see what I can do with them.

Probably going have to use the old traditional method, frame by frame of cleaning up greenscreen anomaly.

Life is getting better and better plus tiring lolz.

Greenscreen + Camera Matchmove Test no.12

Sorry for the slow update. Currently balancing my time with other jobs.

Probably will need to re-shoot again due to some framerate problem with Canon SLR. Greenscreen 'Blue' marker will also need to be altered for easy masking when doing video composition.

Anyway, background is not final though the props are ready to be composed for level. More toward industrial theme background. I m still deciding either do textures for props or not. If I leave the props all grey, they look clean and audience can focus more toward actor and the yoyo. I will go with the flow and see how the outcome will be.

Yoyo has been changed from 'Stalker' to 'Solid'. So promotional video is more toward Yoyoskeel 'Solid'.

I will try my best to complete the video before March. No promises XDDD