Monday, November 1, 2010

Project Gantz - Gori Suit Ver02 - Final Turnaround Reel

Title: Project Gantz - Gori Suit Version 2

Gantz is a manga done by the author Hiroya Oka. I decided to do a low poly game cutscene model of the Gori Suit or Oka suit in the Gantz manga. However, I decided to do my own version of the suit. Therefore, I alter the design to Gori Suit Version 2.

- This model is considered my first time character game modeling in Maya.
- All was done by polymodeling the high poly model then project the details onto the low poly model.
- Bones were created and Character is ready for animation.

Modeling: Maya
Projection Mapping: XNormal
Texturing: Photoshop

Video Compositing: AfterEffect & Premiere

Background music credit: Kenichiro Fukui - Street (Einhander OST)


  1. espectacular brother gran trabajo!!

  2. this is damn awesome work dude , I hope to see an action figure out of this :D.
    keep the good work !